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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Time to Tie the Knot


Gosh it seems just like yesterday that I was watching Dale my son playing his first proper football match as a budding star of the Gunners when he was around a 6 or 7 year old. He didn’t make it on the books of our great but slightly fallen team but I am proud to say he did great in life  - really great.

Ah the memories
One thing is certain time really does fly – just a little bit to fast for my liking!  With bags packed I am, in a few hours leaving the pampa plains and heading to New Zealand where Dale and Kate will tie the knot on 1st March (where does that expression come from) and I am really looking forward to it. I guess at times like these its always a trip down memories lane and I have many wonderful ones of Dale. One is how I used to drag him and his sister Jodie off to many of the gigs I played in those days. One favourite of theirs was when our band played for Billy Smarts at Littlehampton (oh the mention of it makes me think of candy floss and kiss me quick hats). The kids loved that gig as being a part of the band they were given free tickets on all the rides. Not sure they listened much to our music but Dale must have listened to some as he has asked me to play some songs at his wedding  - when he asked me I felt so happy and honoured. So not only will I have my suitcase I will be going with guitar in hand and with few warm up  gigs under my belt to get my rusty  fingers working a bit again I am off. Thankfully for the guests there will be other entertained in the form of Kate’s dad who is a professional jazzman.

I am going to miss La Margarita but I am also looking forward to going somewhere I have never been before. We have had many guests from NZ on La Margarita and it seems a fabulous country and I have to say each and every one of them was a great advert for their country –such nice people and boy did they like to party so should be fun.

This is David Cummings alias the English Gaucho hasta pronto

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